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As a nineteen-year-old professional skydiver, Mickey Robinson underwent a plane crash that left him with catastrophic injuries. After a near-death experience, Mickey courageously overcame multiple terminal medical complications and recovered miraculously, as documented in his memoir, Falling into Heaven. Since his second chance at life, Mickey has been a public speaker nationally and internationally, sharing words of encouragement and hope that continue to change lives and inspire people of all ages. Mickey and his wife live outside of Franklin, Tennessee.

Mickey Robinson opens the way for every believer to enter into new and fulfilling prophetic possibilities, providing biblical and historical background for the operation of prophetic gifts and also explaining safeguards and practical methods for prophetic ministry.

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Mickey Robinson
Autographed by Mickey Robinson

Falling Into Heaven: A Skydiver's Gripping Account of Heaven, Healings, and Miracles

Falling into Heaven is the true story of how a young skydivers life was changed when a fiery plane crash melted his face and mutilated his body. Miraculous healing and a spiritual adventure of a new life on earth followed this near death experience. Falling into Heaven is not just about a burned man getting better. It is about a dead man coming to life!

About the Author

A plane crash in 1968 consumed half of Mickeys body in third-degree burns. Mickey entered heaven and was given a mission to bring a life giving message of hope back to Earth. Since his second chance at life, Mickey has been a public speaker nationally and internationally. In addition to his personal appearances, his dramatic life story and additional messages of hope have been broadcast on TV and radio. In August 2010, a portion of Mickey s testimony was part of a two-hour special on the highly acclaimed History Channel. It has been broadcast multiple times in the U. S. and other nations with overdubs in their own languages. For over three decades, his message of encouragement and hope has continued to change lives and inspire people of all ages.


Our dear friend, Mickey Robinson, is one of the most passioante voices we know today. His near death experience and heavenly encounter followed by a miraculous recovery brings hope and encouragement to anybody who hears it. We are thankful for what we have learned from Mickey's story and are convinced you will be too.
- Michael W and Debbie Smith, Award winning song writer, recording artist and author

Mickey Robinson inspires people to believe that with the supernatural God, all things are possible. I have know him and his family for over thirty years. His message of hope has a dramatic effect on people everywhere. In a time where multitudes are oppressed by fear and disorientation, Mickey's story is a refreshing oasis of life. If you are seeking guidance and power for your life, this book will help you get directed on the right path. We fear death because we do not have answers. Without becoming theological, Mickey Robinson answers many of our questions about the afterlife, and perhaps more importantly, he points us to our eternal helper in this present life.
- Francis Frangipane, Author, teacher, and founder of In Christ's Image Training

"Falling into Heaven "is a true story that will impact every reader. What so many people are longing for is love and peace and it is found in these pages. Reading passages in this book recounting the early 70's transported me back to those special, God ordained moments. I thank God that I was there along with many others that our Lord placed in Mickey's path. This book is a testimony to what the power of God can accomplish, even through the most difficult and challenging times.
- Phil Keaggy, Award winning guitarist, singer, songwriter

Our job in television is to look for the occasional guest who truly inspires, who moves us to think about the really important things in life. Rarely has anyone done that as well as Mickey Robinson. His is a story of triumph out of tragedy, life out of death and hope out of despair. Mickey's story is a vital human document.
- Fred Griffith, Former ABC TV host, Cleveland Morning Exchange, Cleveland, Ohio

Print Length: 352 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1424549450
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group (September 22, 2014)
Publication Date: September 22, 2014
Language: English

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